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Tansu Philip
(hear name)

Hi! I'm Tansu, a third culture kid by way of Kuwait/England/America (but if you're wondering, I'm Indian!) I'm a film school graduate who loves acting, improv, screenwriting, and modeling. I'm on an Upright Citizens Brigade house team, Hi Baby Gorgeous!, that performs biweekly at UCB Franklin. I'm signed with Luxe Fit Models for modeling and TalentOne Management for acting. I'm represented theatrically and commercially by Aqua Talent in California and by Bliss Models & Talent in Hawaii. When I'm not working in entertainment, I run the boba shop I co-founded, Viva La Boba. In addition to Los Angeles, I'm also a local hire in San Francisco, New York City, London, Las Vegas, Houston, Honolulu, and Seattle.

I'm a SAG eligible actor and you can find me on Actors Access. Let me know if I can audition for your next project.

Thanks for checking out my website!

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